Dre Day Feb. 18th

Tampa’s 8th Annual Official Celebration of Dr. Dre’s Birthday and his legacy. Event founded by Burlesque of North America and locally produced in Tampa by dj and promoter Samantha Sirius with support by Ichicoro and PBR_Tampa Orlando. Come celebrate Dre and everything about west coast artists and pop culture. 

Headlining the party will be internationally-renowned DJ Neil Armstrong, widely known for touring with Jay Z , his dj set at the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and many other high profile gigs. 

In addition to music and drink specials, attendees will be able to grab some swag, get a photo taken at the Chronic Photo Booth, win some prizes for the West Coast Costume contest, and get some special PBR hook ups. Jason Smith will be performing a surprise west coast hip hop song as a teaser to his upcoming GMF appearance. Original west Coast inspired art work will be available by Cam Parker and Cheryl Cabbat Weber AND our friend Mike Mass will be guiding us through the night as we take you on a west coast ride. 

DOORS OPEN AT 10pm / Admission $8.
Located @ The Bricks Ybor: 1327 E. 7th Ave. Tampa, Fl

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